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In simple terms: Mastering is meant to take a final look at the mix. Analyse the overall equalisation and dynamics and eventually any small adjustments that may be necessary. It is a delicate balance between surgical adjustments and artistic feel of a song. It also allows to bring sonic cohesion betwen the tracks of an album.

Our goal isn't really to completely change the sound of the mix but instead to add a final polish, one last pair of clean ears before it goes out onto the world. 

Overall it will bring your mix to commercial material and sound level making sure it catches your listener's attention on any streaming platform.


Roca is a Music Mastering service working across the world and led by Nico Secretin. Nico is primarily based in London at Puzzle Factory Sound Studios, but has now expanded across different studios in different european cities as he moved and progressed in his career. We offer more than 12 years of experience in the audio industry to provide the best sound off your music! 


My first experience working with Nico was on a song that needed a very fast turnaround. He exceeded my expectations in pretty much every way I could have imagined. For one thing, he was extremely responsive and the communications were very smooth. He set clear expectations and then proceeded to over-deliver by working late! I also felt very confident during the revision process. Mastering engineers are sometimes difficult to communicate with because they work on so many projects but, with Nico, I felt like he was genuinely giving me his full attention. The revision process was smooth as a result. The quality of work was excellent. Nico was able to correct a few mix issues and enhance the production without feeling at all heavy-handed with his processing. I have since used Nico on several other projects and he continues to impress me with his quality of work, work ethic and communication skills. In one case he provided two different versions (without being asked) that had slightly different "flavors" and this impressed my client (the artist) tremendously. Finally, Nico's rates are very reasonable - especially given the level of service he provides. I will continue using him for my mastering needs!

Client Picture

—  Vadim Kharaz, Mix Engineer/Producer


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To better understand what we do, have a listen to the exemples bellow:

We optimise your music for streaming platforms, making sure they will sound the best they can! We bring it to the correct loudness without squashing your sound and keeping its dynamics.


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